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Researchers and candidates for scientific initiation, master's or PhD scholarships interested in developing research work with PAN should send their respective projects to the Institute in an attached file.
The values of the scholarships are equivalent to those offered by CNPq for the same modality requested.

General conditions:
1) Desire to conduct research with Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) on the following topics: monomer synthesis, synthesis or purification of raw materials involved in its processing, polymerization, polymer modification, blending with other polymers, processing, plasticization, characterization, carbon fiber based on PAN, application development and recycling.
2) Be a regular college or university student in undergraduate or graduate studies in the following areas: environment, chemistry, biochemistry, materials engineering, biomedical engineering, agriculture or medicine.
3) Elaborate project containing: objectives, methodology and expected results with a maximum of 20 pages in arial 12 and pdf format.
4) Send the curriculum of the interested party and the supervisor in pdf format or link.
5) There is no deadline for submission of projects, but the beginning of payment of scholarships should coincide with the beginning of the next school semester.
6) The deadline for project evaluation and approval is 2 months.
7) In the evaluation of the project will be considered: degree of innovation, curriculum of the student and the supervisor, quality of the project, evaluation of the course.
8) Students from other countries in Latin America and Africa may also apply.
9) The projects should be sent to

Scholarship Values (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) Equivalent):

Scientific Research:
Amount of R$ 500,00 / month
Deadline: 1 year and may be extended until the end of the course

Master's Degree:
Amount of R$ 1600,00 / month
Deadline: 2 years (non-extendable)

Doctorate degree:
Amount of R$ 2200,00 / month
Deadline: 4 years (non-extendable)

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