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The infrastucture is distributed in an area of 1000 m² of the Institute and 4000 m² of Quimlab Quimica

A) Polymer processing equipment

Monofilament extruder with 16 mm thread and 5 heating zones
Extruder of monofilament with 20 mm thread and 6 heating zones
Multifilament extruder with 16 mm thread and 5 heating zones and 3 drawing zones
5 position winding machine
Set of 3 drawing quintets mounted in thermostatic bath
Set of 3 drawing quintets mounted in tunnel of hot air
Calender machine with rollers heated to 150ºC
Plastic injection machine
Blown film, tapes, billets and tubes extruders
Pelletizers of up to 10 monofilaments
Grinding mill for recycling
Polymerization plant with production capacity of 5 kg of polymer / hour
Film laminating machine

Some equipment:

Styling line in thermostatic bath

Fiber winding and drawing line

Multifilament Extruder

30 Ton Injector

Film laminating machine

B) Polymer chacterization equipment
Infrared Spectrophotometer Varian 640IR
Spectrophotometer UV-VIS Cary 50
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Epsilon 3-XL
Perkin Elmer 7300DV Atomic Emission Spectrophotometer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Varian 220FS
GC-MS Chromatograph Varian Saturn 2100T
Chromatograph FID Varian CP 3800
GPC IR Waters Chromatograph
Ions Waters Chromatograph
Shimadzu DSC 60 Calorimeter
Instron Plastometer
Dynamometer for traction test EMIC
Brookfield Viscometer
Digital Density Meter Anton Paar DMA48
Motic Fiber Analyzer Microscope
Buchi Nitrogen Distiller and Distiller
Metrohm 751 GPD Titrator
Fafegraph single-fibre tensile tester
Vibromat Denier tester
Schott capillary viscometer

Some equipment:

GC-MS Chromatograph Varian Saturn 2100T
ICP Perkin Elmer 7300 DV Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer Epsilon 3-XL X-Ray Fluorescence
Infrared Spectrophotometer Varian 640IR

Fiber analyzer Fafegraph Textechno
Vibromat Textechno Danier Tester

Shimadzu DSC 60 Calorimeter
C) Technical Collection

NIST Library with 200,000 Mass Spectra
Aldrich Library with 20,000 FTIR Spectra
Aldrich Library with 2000 Polymer FTIR Spectra
Collection of technical books with 3000 titles

D) Mechanical workshop

The Institute also has an electro-mechanical workshop so that scholarship holders and their researchers can perform services, manufacture parts and repair equipment. Among the available equipment are lathe, bench, bench drills, circular saw, tape saw, electric welder, electric TIG welder, oxy-acetylene torch, 20T hydraulic press, column drill, magnetic base drill, sandblast booth and so on...

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