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The research with PAN was carried out by the Founder of the Institute since 1997, initially in partnership with the company Radicifibras (which finalized with the closing of its plant in 2013), and later with the Technological Institute of Aeronautics from 2008 on.

The IGTPAN is the consolidation of all the knowledge acquired about the technology of this polymer, with focus on the development of new technological applications for new processes and products developed.

The main line of research with PAN began with the development of a new process of producing fibers without using solvents, based on its plasticization with substances that stabilize it thermally during its spinning carried out in an extruder.
This process is already applied to other polymers such as PE, PP, nylon and polyester and is known as melting spinning, but has never been applied for the production of continuous fibers of PAN.

Currently, the Institute considers the following priority areas for research with PAN:

• Improvement of the PAN fusion process;

• Development of PAN copolymers that are more suitable for thermoplastic extrusion;

• Elaboration of PAN resins for thermoplastic applications;

• Study of the properties of PAN resins to identify potential applications in the market;

• Use of raw materials from renewable resources in the PAN process, such as lignin, glycerin and biopolymers;

• Use of PAN fiber produced by thermoplastic wiring to obtain carbon fiber.

• Development of PAN thermoforming equipment

• PAN recycling process

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