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After nearly 20 years of research, there were developed compounds containing PAN copolymers and plasticizers capable of being processed into conventional extruders for fiber production and others .

These resins have been registered under the brand name THERMPAN and can present in their composition copolymers of PAN, plasticizers, thermal stabilizers, viscosity reducers, pigments and mineral fillers.

Depending on the resin application, even glycerin may be used as plasticizer, which could further reduce its cost.

THERMPAN resins allow the production of various PAN products that cannot be obtained by conventional processes, for example:

• Continuous monofilaments of any diameter
• Massive pigmented monofilament and multifilament fibers of any color
• Hollow fibers
• Fibers with various additives such as oxides (e.g. silver oxide), metallic powders and carbon nanotubes
• Fibers with any type of cross-section
• Blend Fibers with other polymers, including lignin, nylon 12, PCL, PLA and PHB
• Continuous films
• Non Woven blankets
• Flexible and rigid pipes
• Monolithic parts such as billet
• Injected parts

The most suitable intermediate product to manufacture all possible forms with THERMPAN are the pellets which can be used in conventional extruders.

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